Bognor Regis, UK - March 2014

Wasn't sure whether I should add another review of the BSP as I've already reviewed it on several previous occasions. Then I thought I'd better, just in case things had gone wrong. Well rest assured every is ok, normal, the same.

We always stay here when we are in the area, not often enough but that's just the way it is. The BSP is simply our favourite hotel ever. It's small, friendly, well appointed, brilliantly located and the staff are great. As soon as we arrive we feel "at home". Could really get used to the Newport Beach lifestyle.

Ok it doesn't look that much, it hasn't even got a pool, if you want to get wet , walk across the street to the Pacific. What is has got is loads of charm and character. Not something you can say about many hotels these days.

Just stay there and you'll know.

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