Burlington, Vermont - November 2012

My wife flew to California for 10 days for a wedding, traveling from San Diego L.A. We stayed at Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel for two nights while traveling up the coast. This is an outstanding hotel with a B&B vibe. What stood out to us the most was the attention to detail and amenities, making our stay a pleasure and unbelievable value. Amenities such as coffee all day, breakfast, cookies, DVD library, roof top deck with tables/chairs, and free beach gear were awesome. Who flies with beach gear, like towels, chairs, and umbrellas? When stopping in for two nights on our trip, borrowing their equipment (free) to head to the beach was so convenient. Also, their front desk staff had great recommendations for local restaurants, bike rentals, and attractions.

One quick example of their attention to detail. While walking the beach I stepped in a tar ball. Apparently this is common in the area, but being from the east coast I'd never experienced it. I found they just don't wash off easily with soap and water. After struggling to clean it off for a few minutes, my wife looked in the bathroom amenities provided and found Tar-Off towelettes. The towelettes cleaned it right off and it was such a thoughtful thing to have in the bathroom. I know this sounds somewhat simple, but it was just one of those unexpected surprises that made a great impression on us.

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