Southern California - September 2013

Well to start with we really enjoyed staying at the Bay Shores Peninsula hotel. Others have said so many good things so it’s hard to come up with something different.

One of the most important things to understand is what you’re looking for in a place to stay. Do you want a spa – resort experience with waiter’s pool side to take your drink order, or a place where you just pour yourself a drink and head up to the roof deck and take in the sunset? Do you want valets or free parking? Do you want to plan a trip to the beach, just walk across the street? Do you want to be able to dine at the hotel or go walking and explore what is available in the neighborhood? We’ve enjoyed staying at both types of facilities; but typically we go with the latter.

Overall the Bay Shores Peninsula hotel is a great facilitator of fun at a very reasonable rate, how much fun you have is strictly up to you. It’s easy to go down and list all the hotel has to offer, but it’s what worked for us that was important, we specifically liked -

• No resort or parking fees, seriously these are getting out of hand at some places
• Being able to get a light breakfast before going out for the morning or day
• Relaxing in the lobby reading a Surfer magazine (hotel provided) while waiting for my wife to get ready to go out and about
• Grabbing a couple cookies for a snack between lunch and dinner, or for a later late night snack
• Getting a couple of DVD’s to watch in the evening after a long day out and about
• Walking a block or so for something to eat, the donut place and Original Pizza, both near the pier, are both really good and the 7-11 is handy
• Heading up to the roof deck for a few minutes of RnR and to take in the view
• The 50 yard walk to the beach or 25 yard walk to the bay

All the Stuff

Location -
The location was great; you can walk to shops, restaurants, a convenience store or two and one of the piers. It is on a main drag so the traffic can be noisy with windows open, but we were surprised how quite our room could be with the windows closed.

Cleanliness -
The Bay Shores Peninsula hotel was clean. I typically judge cleanliness by the bath-shower enclosure and the quality of how things are painted, both in the room and around the facility. With the bath shower enclosure, nothing but shine. I understand quality of painting is odd, but it’s one area of maintenance to me that shows care and quality. Hotels take a beating and often you’ll find poorly performed paint maintenance, no prep just a splash of paint to cover the stain or gouge or whatever. None of that, everything was very well maintained.

Cost (basically everything was free for guests) –
I think the Bay Shores Peninsula hotel was a very good value considering the location, no charge parking, free cookies & breakfast, DVD’s to borrow and all kinds of beach gear to use, free wi-fi. Each room also has a small safe and refrigerator. Oh and also water and fruit in the room also.

Staff –
Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Fun Factor -
Lots of opportunity for fun thanks to the hotel, watch a movie, get some cookies, go up and hang out on the roof desk, get some of the beach gear and go down to the beach or bay. Tons of hotel fun for guests.

The Funky –
• Yea the elevator was an old timer, but it was neat and added to the character of the place

• I think our Queen bed might have actually be a Princess, but hey all the cozier, yeah baby!

• Room was a little small, but our view was great. I think some of the rooms were larger, but I wouldn’t have traded. I think this would be a good thing to review with hotel staff if it is important to you.

Suggestion for the staff at the Bay Shores Peninsula hotel –
I only have one, maybe a sign or something letting people know they can get a coffee (or milk?) in the breakfast area while the cookies are out. Might be obvious to some, but I didn’t realize it until the second day.

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